Components Update

1. Web Components Update (Amazon Linux)


To update the 4insights web components, you must connect to the machine by using port 22, we recommend using the Putty tool by using the ec2-user.
1) Stop the tomcat service

$ sudo service tomcat8 stop

2) Go to the folder containing the 4insights packages inside the tomcat.

$ cd /usr/share/tomcat8/webapps

3) Remove all 4insights existing packages in there.

$ sudo rm -rf 4insights 4insights.war 4insights-authentication 4insights-authentication.war 4insights-loader 4insights-loader.war ROOT ROOT.war

4) Download the 4Insights packages again (Latest version)

$ sudo wget

$ sudo wget

$ sudo wget

$ sudo wget

5) Rename "console.war" package as "ROOT.war" so that it is opened from the tomcat root

$ sudo mv console.war ROOT.war

6) Start tomcat again

$ sudo service tomcat8 start

Note: To follow the service initialization you can run the following command:

$ sudo tail -f /usr/share/tomcat8/logs/catalina.out

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